Friday, February 25, 2011

Facebook Privacy Settings

I don't know about you but quite a few of my friends have had status updates warning their friends about their phone number being listed on Facebook. My thoughts on this: It is only going to be there if you put it there, they don't magically get it. and if you are worried about super-stalking on their part you probably shouldn't have a Facebook. Like everything Facebook does they have just made it easier for people to stalk you. If I wanted to know your phone number I could go to your profile and try to find it or just go to the Facebook 'phone book' which leads me to my other thing. Years ago people used to list their number in a paper book, called the phone book. It is really no different. I know some people declined from listing their number, but don't add your number to your Facebook and it won't be in the 'phone book'. 

Today I was looking around and I noticed that a friend had commented on one of their friend's status. someone I didn't know. So I clicked on it and I could see their whole page, their wall, all their pictures, their info, their spouse etc. I looked around some more and I was able to find some addresses of people I didn't know. Instead of limiting your warning to something silly like phone numbers, warn your friends that their page might not actually be private. And think about that before you write something on a friend's wall, you might try really hard to work on the privacy of your page, but you have no idea unless you have talked about it with them what the privacy of your friend's pages is.

I think that is all :)

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