Monday, February 28, 2011


JD had a fever for a few days last week. It was rough, topped at 103ish. The Tylenol and Motrin kept it there, so who knows how high it was. Well two nights ago Rae woke up with a fever. Yesterday she took a  nap and she woke up shaking. She let me put the thermometer in her mouth for about 10 seconds, it was at 104* so I gave her some Tylenol and that brought it down to about 103*. We shall see how she feels tomorrow. She napped from 430-6pm so I am hoping her fever doesn't break tonight, because if it does she will be up wicked early, which means I should probably go to bed now. And hopefully this is the end of our sicknesses for this winter season... Mostly because I hope winter will be over soon ;)

On another note, I think I just heard another mouse! We caught 4 and then last night I saw one so Isaac put up a LOT of traps. We caught 2 more. So 6 total. Hopefully if there are more we catch them!

The Woodward Family

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