Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Conversation

While we were waiting in a line today a woman was admiring our kids who doesn't ;) so she started making conversation with Rae.
She asked her, pointing to JD, "Is that your baby?"
Rae: "What?" (Her new favorite question)
The lady: "Is that your baby?" (making it more clear she was talking about JD)
Rae: "No"
The lady: "Oh, he must be your brother then"
Rae: "What?"
The lady: "Is he your brother?"
Rae: "Oh yeah... Joseph. Baby is at home..." She went on a little bit about that, and we explained that 'baby' is her doll at home.

It was just wicked cute to see her have a conversation with someone like that. She never called JD "her" baby and she would get frustrated that people would say that. "Her" baby is her little doll she brings everywhere. "A" baby is a baby who belongs to someone else. Always been so smart :) I do think it is cute that kids call babies "their" babies but I do love that Rae is so smart. Sometimes it is annoying because we miss some cute things, but it is ok.

Rae's recent cute saying:
"What are you thinking? What am I thinking?" (Are you thinking what I'm thinking?") and she always has the CUTEST face when she says it. I know there are more, but I need Isaac and my mom to help me remember them. We'll start writing them down, because she usually only does one or two at a time anyway.

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