Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Uncle Paul

Isaac's brother Paul was home last Christmas and I was excited for the possibility that JD or the baby as we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl might come while he was home. But he didn't. We have skyped a couple very few sadly times but they hadn't met in person. Actually as I write this I remember that they did meet in May... man, how did I not remember that. ANYWAY... This feels like the first time. Not sure why... I have such a good memory why did I not remember that... What was he home for... Well here is the pic to look at while I think.
Josh, JD, Paul
Because Paul is in the Army and stationed in AK it makes it hard to skype when the kids are awake hence the only once. I am trying to get my mind off of thinking this was the first first time... Maybe because I am so focused on him leaving for Iraq in February... Anyway... not the best picture., but it is fun :) We are having Christmas with them on Sunday so hopefully I will be able to get better pictures then.
I REMEMBER! He was out while he was making the transition from Alabama to Alaska. JD was 4 months old. Oh well. This is the first picture I have of them together :)

The Woodward Family

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