Friday, October 1, 2010

Deep Breaths

Things are going crazy. I came up with a great analogy for what is going on right now: I feel like I am going down a bob sled track, faster and faster, and I can't stop. At this point I would be happy to even just slow down. I talked to my best friend Jamie today and it felt great. Although it did remind me how much I miss her. She can always make me feel so much better.
JD is cruising like crazy. He learned how to do 'Ring Around the Rosie' its so cute.
Rae is pretty much 100% potty trained. In fact we haven't put a diaper on her in a week. Oh my gosh, it wasn't until I just thought about that that I realized it. Last Friday night was the last time she wore a diaper to bed. Yes you read that right. Last week she decided that she wanted to wear underwear to bed. And last night was the only time she wet the bed. She has been getting up and going in the potty in the morning. We are so proud.

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