Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Update

I have been having pain in my abdomen for quite some time. I have had two appointments with the general surgeon and he hasn't been able to feel it well the first time he said he felt something but he wasn't 100% sure because this type of hernia is very rare. So the next step is to do a CT scan. So tomorrow I have a CT scan. I hate preparing for these things, I get so sick from the stuff they give you to drink before. My mom is coming down so Isaac can stick with his sleep schedule and that way he gets some sleep and I don't have to worry about taking care of the kids in the afternoon. After this if they find nothing they are probably going to have injections in the spot of the pain because it is pretty intense. I can take TONS of aleve, but I hate taking meds.
JD ate bananas and carrots the other day. Bring on the solid solid food :) Rae is pretty much 100% fully potty trained, even at night WICKED EXCITED and PROUD of my two kiddos!

I think that is all I really have for an update on things for now

The Woodwards

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