Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!

Over all today I am in a pretty good mood considering. Isaac was going to let me sleep in but: Rae woke up at 430am to go to the bathroom but wouldn't fall back asleep till almost 6am. Then Isaac took her outside during JD's nap time but because he is teething something fierce he didn't really end up sleeping. So I think all in all last night my 'sleeping in' only got me 8 hours of sleep :( But Isaac has been doing a pretty good job of taking care of the kids so I can just relax! I think I might ask him if I can take a nap for a little. We are hopefully having people over tonight, some said they can't make it, a couple said they could, a good percentage said they will be late, but most didn't reply :( Oh well, we shall see what happens.
Happy Birthday To ME!! :)
The Woodwards

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