Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I did it

I cut Rae's hair! It came out really good, I am pretty proud of myself. She was letting me brush her hair and play with it and so I decided to try and cut it. She HATES having her head touched, her hair brushed or washed. So I did it. Its a little sad, the first time its really ever been cut When she was about 7 months old I did cut her hair a little bit, there were two chunks that were a little longer than the rest, but that doesn't really count. I cut about an inch off. I wanted to trim the layered look off, make it look straight unlike mine her hair is think enough to look straight when you cut it. Its still plenty long though, and very beautiful. It will be interesting to see what the curls that were at the bottom do. It is possible that the rest would curl a little if it wasn't so long, so we will see if that is what happens. I didn't cut it all one length, the front is still a little shorter, but it looks angled, very nice.

Okay, enough about Rae's hair. lol

I was talking to my friend and we were at the door. She asked if it was ok that JD went out in the hall he was making his escape. I told her it was fine, he wasn't going to go anywhere. Boy, was I wrong lol. He went for the first stair, lifted his leg a time or two, and up he went. He probably would have done them all fairly quickly but we were all behind him. Since then he has tried to climb everything. He hasn't had much success though. But he is wicked cute.

His loveName
~The Woodwards

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