Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Proud

I am very proud of myself. I started off the week in my normal rut of a routine :( Monday the kids and I went to the beach with my parents and sister, which was very fun, I just went about it like I have been going about everything. On Tuesday I was more depressed. I realized it is because I feel like I am missing everything. My sister has been working on buying a house and that has been the major thing I have been missing, plus friends and family back home. See growing up I was the one who never wanted to leave Ashby, Chrys wanted to run as far away as possible and now she has set roots at home. I ended up going up to my parents on Tuesday to hang out with Rae; left JD with Isaac. My sister signed papers on the house so we went over to see that and then went home. Isaac and I talked and are now 100% on the same page; we were in the same book before but Isaac was bucking against it. We still aren't sure what the next year looks like, but we have a basic plan a lot will depend on how each step plays out. And there are a lot of steps. But the big thing is that after my trip home I worked on the house, cleaned EVERYTHING, kept the living room and the dishes clean :) GO ME!!

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