Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our First...

... allnighter sickness
The ladies in my building threw me a baby shower/arrival party Saturday night. It went really well, JD has clothes to wear, which is great. Plus we got a diaper hamper that Isaac has wanted since we had Rae. That night, the girl whose apartment we had the shower in was up all night throwing up with food poisoning. Sunday night was the Super Bowl and we started the night at the Chase's. At half-time it was time for Rae to go to bed so we headed back home. Our monitor reached to another neighbor's so we headed over there. The Colburn's were there and Isaac JD and I hung out for a few hours. Today I saw the ambulance pull up and had a feeling it was for the Colburn's they have been having bad luck with sickness this year and sure enough it was. Dave's mother was sick and after the ambulance left another neighbor and I asked if they needed anything, they did and I got that. When I got back to their apartment their daughter had thrown up :( So I just backed out slowly. I got back home and Rae was acting funny, as she had been all day. She was laying on my lap and started to fall asleep. She moaned... and threw up! I told Isaac if she did it again he wasn't going to work, he didn't go. After the first time she started throwing up every 15 minutes for the next hour and a half or so she was throwing up. I got her to eat some of a pedialyte pop, but she threw that up. Then we just let her fall asleep. It was kind of sad :( I called the dr and they said to try to get her to drink a couple table spoons of water. If 8 hours from when she last peed she doesn't she is probably dehydrated its been almost 7 hours. Isaac is sleeping right now and I am making sure Rae doesn't throw up laying on her back she has done it at least 3 times. I have lost count of that and how many times in general she has been throwing up. We are probably going to end up at the hospital, but we shall see. I mean, if she feels better by tomorrow then we probably won't I guess, as long as I can get some liquids in her. The Colburn's went to the hospital and I guess this has been going around quite a bit; its a 24-48 hour bug that causes one to throw up and/or have the runs. So far no runs. I hope she feels better soon, and no one else gets sick.
I'm getting sleepy and not thinking straight so I am going to stop and should at least rest a little bit. 

GB ~The Woodwards


The Buckleys said...

Oh no darlin! I hope she feels better and no one else gets sick!!!

MeWoodward said...

Isaac got it. He started around 3am. Our neighbors feel terrible; there are at least 3 other people including a girl who is 37 weeks pregnant. I told them it isn't their fault, germs are dumb.