Thursday, February 4, 2010


JD and I went to the doctor again today to see how much weight he gained, or didn't gain. He is up to 8lbs 2oz, which is up 8oz from last week :) an average is 6oz. We are still supplementing and we are going to go back next week. I have set a goal for myself, I figure I am going to go for 1 month of breastfeeding, except it will be a little longer than that because his 1 month is a week after he turns a month. But I figure it gives me something solid to shoot for. Then I will go for 2 months, at which point I will probably stop, unless I have really figured out how to work things and/or we are on a great schedule, because I like that about bottles, they are more scheduled. I gave Rae 2 months of breast milk so I figure I should at least give JD that. We will see Dr. Seman next week, but for his 1 month we are seeing a nurse practitioner, which would be fine except we are getting him retested for hypothyroidism then. So I might ask if he can just do it next week so he can be the one to take JD's blood.
Rae is doing well with her talking. I am so excited that I can carry on a conversation with her. They usually go something like this:
Me: Rae, Kristen is coming today.
Rae: Car
Me: Yep, Kristen is going to come in her car.
Rae: In there (pointing to the door)
Me: Is she going to come through the door?
Rae: Yeah. Sit there (pointing to the floor)
Me: Is she going to sit on the floor?
Rae: Yeah
Me: What is she going to do there?
Rae: Play!

:)That's my girl!
GB ~The Woodwards


MommaSkye said...

Yay! So great to hear he gained weight and Rae is doing so well! I think you're doing an amazing job I don't know how you do it with two!

MeWoodward said...

So far it is easier than I thought it was going to be. But JD doesn't do anything yet. lol. Also, I haven't gone anywhere just the three of us yet... that will be an interesting adventure :-/ :)