Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Through... feeding at a time
I think JD is gaining weight, but I don't think I am producing enough still. I think part of it is inconsistency, but really I have no idea and that it what makes it harder. I think I am going to have to give up. Because of Rae and her EI stuff I don't know if it is going to work out anyway. I hope to make it to Thursday just to see how things are going, but that might be the end of it. I can't stand not knowing if he is getting enough, I'll never know. He is still not having that many bowel movements and last night he was trying really hard, and I could feel things moving around but he wasn't going. So our day started at 2:30am :(and I got maybe a few 5 minute stretches where he wasn't crying. Barely enough time to change Rae's diaper, we can't really live like this. Although, Isaac took Rae to get her blood drawn there is a funny story here that I don't have time for right now and JD slept so I got a nap. That was nice :)
On a more random note, I have a pain in the left side of my head when I move. Its a weird pressure thing, hopefully that goes away.

I have more to say, but JD is waking up, which means he is crying. and I have to make sure Isaac is getting up because he needs to leave for work like.. right now... oh my life of making sure everyone else is doing what they need to and getting what they need.. Sometimes I wonder: what about me? But who has the time to think about that...

GB ~The Woodwards

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