Thursday, January 28, 2010


...We are supplementing
So we went to the dr today for a weight check and JD is down to 7lbs 10oz which is almost 10% of his body weight. Which would be fine except at 10 days out he should be gaining, they can lose around 5%-7% but 10% starts to raise concern. As long as they gain it by 2 weeks they are fine, but to already be down this much we need to be careful that we don't loose anymore. We got home and have had 3 feedings and he is doing much better, although right now he is fussing it is a normal baby fuss not an all out scream. We shall see how tonight goes, hopefully he does well. I have been keeping track of his weight on the Wii Fit Plus, although not keeping a close eye (every couple days) now I plan to do it every day. The dr said that if he gains quickly then my milk has come in and we can stop the formula. If he gains slowly like normal then we need to take a good look at my supply. If he stays the same or looses weight than we will probably test his thyroid function early because of Rae's hypothyroidism the plan is to retest him at a month. The PKU came back fine, which is good and chances are he is fine, but even though they are not common, false negatives do still happen.
The nice thing about today was we met with our new pedi for the first time. When he first came in I wasn't to impressed, but by the middle of the visit I was pretty happy with him. I think that part of it was he was trying to get to know us a little bit figure out if we are idiots, what we care and don't care about. Stuff like that.
Rae has been doing well with her new speech therapist. We have to work on getting rid of the words or actually phrases that she commonly just comes out with. The bigger ones being- "Thank you", "in there", "sit there" I feel like there are others but they aren't coming to me right now but you can get the idea anyway. Part of how we can do this is to replace words, mostly "there" with whatever she is talking about. and try to get her to say "your welcome" instead of "thank you" sometimes. We saw a set of twins in the drs office today, they were not happy to be there their mom said that they finally recognized where they were. But they were talking quite a bit and I realized how far Rae has to go, but at the same time I am so happy for how far she has come. She has started to throw fits again, unfortunately they are normal 2's fits not frustration ones so people from the outside looking in might not realize what she doing and then it can look like I am just giving into her. But I am starting to get over that and try to just focus in on what is best for her, and tell other people to bug off probably just in my head though, I hate confrontation.
Rae loves JD its so cute. When he "fries" she gets "Yos-shef" his "binki" and his "blank". She fell of the couch today and tried really hard to make sure she didn't land on him she probably wouldn't have anyway, but she was watching out and trying to move away from him. She tripped over the frame of the playmat the other day and even thought JD wasn't crying she wanted me to pick him up. I had to convince her that he was fine and didn't need to be picked up. She hasn't gotten upset when we pick him up or feed him, in fact she is usually insisting we take care of him not that we aren't and need her to tell us to :-p She has gotten upset when non-family members have held him. One in particular was a friend wanting to borrow something, when I stood up to walk over toward the friend, with JD in my arms, Rae started to get upset. It took me a little bit to explain that the friend wasn't taking JD I was going to get something for her. It was cute, she is so protective of him.

That is it for now. Hope all is well with you and yours.

GB ~The Woodwards

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