Friday, January 8, 2010

Good News...

...but not the baby
RuthAnne will be getting a new speech therapist! I talked to her service coordinator and she pretty much said that we aren't the only people to have similar problems with this therapist which kinda helped me to feel better, but at the same time I still feel bad. I don't think she was trying to be mean by the comment so I hope she doesn't take it personally. But this wasn't the only thing that had me concerned. So yesterday when RuthAnne met with Julie her service coordinator said she would take care of things. Julie said that because she is already in getting a new person should take too long. Well this morning Julie was at RuthAnne's sign with me play group and told me that they found someone and she would be coming with her within the next couple of weeks and then coming on her own soon after. SWEET This means RuthAnne won't miss too many weeks of a speech therapist, which means more because of what has been happening with the inconsistencies because of being gone and stuff. The other thing is that it is one of the ladies that leads the play group I like the other lady better.. she is GREAT but this is still good :) It means that it is someone who already knows RuthAnne and RuthAnne already knows so we can jump right in. There were some things that the other therapist did that I liked, but RuthAnne didn't seem to like her so this is probably for the best I just need to keep telling myself that.
I went to the doctor yesterday. He reminded me why I love him so much. The first thing he said to me when he walked in was, I hate pregnancies like yours. Not you, but your pregnancies. We talked about it and he is thinking the same way I am. I have been in labor for almost 2 months as you know; I am soo sick of contractions it isn't even funny and you sit waiting, thinking, worrying if the baby is going to come and here we are at almost 38 weeks and still no baby. And its even more frustrating because most people just don't get it. Even the doctor I saw last week didn't get it; I was really angry when I left that appointment, so that is why I was even happier with the way my appointment went today. So I am still 4cm and the baby is ready. I told him I figured because it feels like the baby is literally trying to crawl out.. and it hurts. He said he was able to push the head in and out of my pelvis. So it is just waiting for my body to go into labor. Because I am so far dilated he wants me to call based on my comfort; not to wait too long. If things seem to be getting worse then I should call to be checked. I have had some pretty good consistent contractions over the past couple weeks and haven't dilated so I don't hold out much hope. But he told me I am ready and it could be any day... but it could have been any day for the past 2 months. But we are getting there I guess... sometimes it feels like this baby is never going to come

So that is the update for the day.

GB ~The Woodwards 

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