Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Much...

...New Happening
So... Last night I started with some strong consistent contractions, but they didn't go anywhere. Stupid false labor. I go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will check me and I will know better if anything is happening.  I am pretty sure the baby dropped and I fear for the shape of its head, and my pelvis for that matter. lol
RuthAnne is talking quite a bit more; we are so proud of her. Alexa (her speech therapist) finally said that she is impressed with the progress that she has made. But at the same time she wants her to be working on 2 sylable and 2 word sentences. She also said that "in there" "put on" and a couple others that she has aren't really sentences, they are phrases that she hears that way and doesn't disconnect them. So for the most part I guess she is right about the sentences. But last week she did say "I sleepy in there... room." The other major thing that happened this week with Alexa was the 'nail in the coffin' to make me decide that we need a different speech therapist. RuthAnne was playing with this bear puzzle thing she has RuthAnne pic out the face based on expression; so happy or mad. Then a dress; blue or pink. and then the shoes. RuthAnne picked the mad face and kinda ended with that one. She played with the bear for a little bit and Alexa made some comment about how 'of course she likes the angry one' ... something about RuthAnne being angry... WHAT!?! Do you not know this child at all? Then I realized... of course she doesn't. So because of this, and a bunch of other things that already had us questioning her I am going to talk about switching. I realized that she might see RuthAnne as an angry toddler because RuthAnne doesn't like her. Also, she talked about her frustration level getting better.. RuthAnne hardly gets frustrated anymore, I would classify her a normal at this point. Alexa didn't get to see her when she was really frustrated with life. My mother and I are also pretty much convinced that she has never had kids. I can't think of any of the examples off the top of my head, but they aren't that important anyway.
So I just realized that part of the frustration is not knowing when I am going to go into labor and when would be a good time. Is it better to go into labor with Isaac home and RuthAnne awake, or RuthAnne asleep and Isaac not home... Like I have said before I am pretty sure I would have been fine had this not been going on for almost 2 months now, and it could still go on for another 3 weeks.

I shall go now. Spending some time with Isaac before he leaves for work and hoping to be asleep soon after he leaves.

GB ~The Woodwards


~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Meghan... Hang in there; you'll make it!

And, after reading your post, I would change therapists just based on the fact your daughter doesn't like her. She may progress better and faster with someone she connects with!

MEWoodward said...

Thank you :)
I talked to her EI service coordinator and it sounds like I am not the only person to have the same feelings about this particular therapist. So she suggested, and pretty much made my mind up, that we should switch. But I still feel bad. The meeting for next week is canceled and we are on the list to get a new one as soon as one becomes available; which because she is already receiving services shouldn't be too long.