Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Visit...

... From RuthAnne's new speech therapist
Monday morning we got a call from RuthAnne's new speech therapist wondering when she could come by. It ended up working out that she could come that afternoon. It was great! I know part of it is that RuthAnne already knows her, but she repeated after me and Kristen (the new SLP) said. She hardly ever did that with the old one. I still feel bad, but I think we are going to get somewhere now. Not that RuthAnne isn't making progress, but this woman is better at not being so general with me, and I am able to ask her questions and get actual answers, instead of just crap that doesn't help although I was never really comfrotable asking Alexa anything. Sometimes I felt like she thought it was my fault, and that I just gave in to easily, although other times that wasn't the case. 

I just wanted to stop by and put up a quick update about that. I am trying not to be too optimistic but... I never heard RuthAnne open her door, but when I woke around 830am I figured she had to be up. I didn't feel like getting out of bed this morning, just wanted to sleep/rest in bed forever. Around 930am I really had to go to the bathroom so I bit the bullet and got up. RuthAnne was asleep, under her blankey, at her door. It is now a little after 11am and she is still asleep there... I am a little worried, but I am trying to take advantage of being able to just chill. My body feels tired and sore from some contractions yesterday and I am pretty sure I had a good few episodes in my sleep.
I think I am going to go get her up, I can't believe she is still asleep.... although I don't know what time she got up and how long she was awake at her door before she fell back asleep again. Hopefully Isaac has time to take her sledding to wear her out a little so she actually goes to sleep tonight...

GB ~The Woodwards 

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