Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Does She Know?

So I think Miss RuthAnne is officially upset by me being on bed rest; even if just that she knows something is "wrong". Or she knows something is really wrong. Tonight was the first time since being in her "big girl bed" she hasn't been asleep within 30 minutes of being put down. Tonight it took almost an hour and a half and for the FIRST time I had to stay in the room till she fell asleep. The only other time she has really don something like this was the night grandpa Woodward passed away; I had come home from work and for the first time she was still awake. I held her for a little bit and then put her in her crib. A very short time later he phone rang and my father-in-law informed Isaac that grandpa had passed. RuthAnne was asleep. It was weird. I know it is probably just trying to figure out what is up with mommy, but she knows I need to be sitting/laying because she keeps telling me to sit whenever I stand. lol. Its really kinda cute. But part of me, just thinking so that I can remember this, is a little worried that something might actually be wrong. Another example is when she got ready easily and quickly when I went into L&D the first time.

Pastor Alan came by today to see me; since being on bed rest I haven't been to church. It feels like much longer than just too weeks. And something about not being in church during the Advent season is rather depressing. Speaking of the Advent season...  I had a doctor's appointment today. The doctor told me that unless I am in labor there is no need to call or go to L&D. I can call whenever and go in whenever and I won't be a bother. But there is no need to call or whatever. I mean I guess there is nothing they can do but still; is this serious or not? The other thing he told me is that when I get to about 35 weeks they are going to stop with the meds and I can do whatever I want. This is where the Advent season thing comes in, 35 weeks is right before Christmas (the Sunday before to be exact.) I am still just trying not to think about it cause it kinda makes me angry.

I need to try and get some sleep today, no nap today or yesterday and last night I stayed up to watch the Pats get killed :( it was sad, I should have gone to bed. lol.

Hope this finds you all well,

GB ~The Woodwards


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated. I love church during Advent so I would be sad to miss it too.

Kids are very intuitive- it is sweet that RuthAnne is already acting so maternally.

MEWoodward said...

I wasn't looking forward to missing church in general, but Isaac mentioned something about Sunday (this past) being the first Sunday in Advent and it made me sad. and with the pastor coming to visit it his a little harder. Also, I missed the seminarian preaching for the first time here. I like to see how they preach. (Isaac is going to school to be a pastor and I have my BA in religion)

I know... It is soo cute :) I love her. lol