Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Missing My Little Girl...

... and its only been 7 hours. lol

Because of my mother's work schedule and what Isaac has to get done for school RuthAnne has gone to stay with my parents for a few days; till at least Saturday, maybe Sunday. She had only been gone for like an hour when I walked past her bedroom and it felt lonely. Isaac was at class and the apartment had a weird quietness to it. I am kinda looking forward to having a few days without her, because I need to just rest and relax, but I am going to miss her. Hopefully I can just stop thinking about that so I can relax.

Yesterday was a good day, I felt rested and didn't have that many contractions. I even told the doctor that I thought the last L&D visit had gotten rid of most of them. Well last night I didn't sleep well, having some contractions and today I have been having quite a few. My mom said that you can tell when I have been having them, I look worn out. Which was part of a conversation where she told me RuthAnne leaving would be good, I need to rest without her around. 

Random Pregnancy Thoughts: Right now the baby is in my ribs, and annoying me. lol. Its crazy how it is only on one side of my body, and I really wish I could get a good picture of what I am looking at. Like I can see my left rib but the right side of my body is bulging out. Its so weird.

GB ~The Woodwards

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