Thursday, December 3, 2009

No Way!

(The formating on this is a little screwed up, so I apologize in advance.)

So apparently I have gotten a blog award. Michelle (a friend I met at BabyFit) nominated me. I have been reading her blog; Plus One since a little after her little Liam was born, 10 weeks premature. 

The Rules:
Share 7 things that you don't already know about me.
Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.
Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated.
Thank the person who gave you the award.

7 Things About Me:
1: Isaac and I have known each other for 9 years total. We were friends for a year and a half before we started dating; we dated for two and a half years when we got engaged. We were engaged for 10 months when we got married. 2 years later we were blessed with our amazing little girl. God's blessing that we were very thankful for; how appropriate that she was born on Thanksgiving. And two years later we are expecting our second little bundle of joy! SO EXCITED!

2: RuthAnne was a surprise. As my father says "There is a big difference between unplanned and unwanted." But the timing couldn't have been better. God is so good!
3: Because I was so into getting this done I forgot about a bunch of fish in my tank in FishVille on Facebook and they died. lol
4: I like to knit but I get bored very easily. So the baby hats I make are perfect, if I start to make anything bigger I get antsy and need to work on something else. I need to find a way to work on this.

5: Growing up I thought I would marry a guy, find a house in my hometown, have children, and grow old with my hubby in that house. Well.. NOPE. When first realizing that wasn't going to happen I was scared (partly because I don't like change) but I am getting used to the idea. Partly because we don't even live in the same apartment we did when RuthAnne was born. In fact we celebrated her 1st birthday in a different apartment.

6: Part of the reason for the above is because my mom and dad grew up around the corner from each other and bought a house in the same town. My grandparents were only a few minutes from where I grew up. In fact I had a set of great-grandparents who lived in the same town I did. Growing up the farthest I had to travel was 15 minutes to see family. My mom's brother lived a few towns over, but 2 of my dad's 3 brothers lived 2 houses down the street in either direction and the other lived with my grandparents. Isaac's family is no closer than 12 hours and they just get farther. Ohio, Iowa, and mostly Michigan. and my cousin's are now spread all over the east coast (although some still live in town, or close by)

7: I have always wanted to be a SAHM. While what is happening now isn't exactly what I had planned, its still pretty great. I love my hubby and my little turkey and I can't wait to hold this little one. (well I can... it better not come too soon)

7 Other Blogs:
(Because I am kinda new to actually blogging most of these people don't update regularly, but they are important to me.)

1: And Baby Makes Three ~ I don't know how to describe who she is... She is my aunt's niece... figure that one out ; ) She has been married for a year and has a little girl who is just precious. 
2: The Smiths ~ They were in their last year here at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary when we moved on campus. It was a pleasure to meet them; although I wish we had gotten to know each other better.
3: The Murrays ~ The main blogger is my cousin's wife. I wish I saw them a little more.. ok a LOT more. This is just the random stuff of their lives.

4: Wide Eyed Window ~ She is my aunt's sister... (and baby makes three's mom)

5: David's Place ~ David and I went to Eastern Nazarene College together, but I know him more because Isaac and I spent three weeks in Mozambique with his parents who are missionaries. 
6: The Restricks in Mozambique ~ David's parents, very cool missionaries in Mozambique.
7: That's My Baby ~ She has already been awarded by another mutual friend, but I figured I would mention her anyway. We met on BabyFit just like Michelle and I. She is really excited to meet her little girl in January :)

Leaving comments in a little bit I guess

Thank you again to Michelle (Plus One) for the nomination.

I know that some of this was a cop-out.. but I couldn't really help it. I am an open book (in other words I talk to much) so it was hard to come up with things people don't know. And I don't really read that many blogs quite yet, but I am working on that. At least until baby fribble comes :)

GB~The Woodwards

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