Friday, December 4, 2009

Should be knitting...

... But oh well :)

So I should be knitting for the craft fair tomorrow because I haven't finished two of the three toddler hats I have. The hats are done, but the ear flaps need to be made and attached for one and the other one just needs them attached. I think I have enough baby hats made.. hopefully. I didn't sell that many last year, and this year I increased my price for them. The time they take is worth the extra $2 and money wasn't the reason people didn't buy them; most were overly surprised I wasn't charging double.. but then didn't buy any. 

The reason I am blogging instead of knitting is because Mama had her status shuffle working on her Facebook so her status said: 
Recipe for joy: Rid your heart of those who continually hurt you, embrace those who truly love you, and keep your eyes focused upwards.
I have recently been thinking about this a lot. Wanting to get rid of the people in my life who hurt me; unfortunately you can't always do that. Part of it is they truly don't believe that they are hurting you. And even those that can admit that they might be hurting you don't understand enough to change; which actually means that they don't think they are hurting you. The thing that frustrates me the most is that it common decency things; like being respectful of others. Just call when plans change... seriously (that is one of the things). I know I can find joy without ridding my heart of people who hurt me but it is hard to be joyful when I am constantly surrounded by people who cause me pain. I know that my depression doesn't help the situation. This is something I plan to work on, I have started looking into it but there isn't much I can do till after the baby is born. I can't wait to see if they tell me I need to break ties with these people. Because it really is that bad, and it would not surprise me at all. At the same time it wouldn't really surprise me if they didn't say that either. I just think it would be almost humorous if they did.

Last night was a rough on. I didn't get much sleep and what I got wasn't restful. I have been having quite a few most uncomfortable contractions. I didn't get out of bed till after noon. But there were a few hours throughout the night that I was awake (that is how I justify being in bed till afternoon. Not that it really matters because I would still just be laying on the couch. once I do get up. lol) 

It looks like RuthAnne won't be coming home till Sunday, which is fine. I am handling this a little better than I thought. We got to talk to her on the phone and we had a couple of conversations here is one of them:
Me: Can I talk to Granme?
Rae: Yeah.
Me: Are you giving Granme the phone?
Rae: Yeah.
Me: No you aren't.
Rae: I KNOW!! (in that "mom" while rolling eyes kinda way)
{Bursts into her evil laugh} 

lol. I love her, she is just too cute :)

GB ~ The Woodwards

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