Sunday, December 6, 2009


...Good or bad?
 This kinda goes all over the place so bare with me :)
So yesterday was the craft fair.. it didn't go as great as I had planned. I didn't sell a single hat :( The good news is I won't have to make any more for a while; so I can just relax before and just after the baby comes. I have a few friends who are due in March that I planned to make hats for. I don't think I would have been as bothered by this had I not been soo miserably uncomfortable sitting there for 5 hours. We were also hoping I would make a little money because we were like $30 short to buy the Wii we were saving for. I am pretty impressed with ourselves. We started saving back at our birthdays with gift cards from my parents and Isaac's. The ultimate goal is to get the Wii Fit, we are pretty excited. I am not a big fan of buying gaming systems because by the time I get around to being able to get it they are about to come out with a newer system and I am afraid I am not going to have enough games to keep myself occupied for years to come. But I thought even if I don't the Wii Fit would be worth it. We have been looking online at Wal*mart trying to keep up with the different bundles and deals and the constant selling out. Friday we saw a commercial for them. If you buy the console Wal*Mart would give you a $50 gift card; making the price of the console $149 instead of $199. Sweet. So Isaac went over there first thing this morning and waited in line. He heard something about there only being 10 given to each store everyday and that worried him when he was close to 10th in line. Someone in line worked there and said they were given 52. Ok... that is a much better number. Also, one of the ladies in front of him had no idea what the line was for. She was just there to get an underwater camera because she is going to the Caribbean tomorrow. He go into the store and bought the Wii, and a game that came with an extra remote, and then separately he had to by another nun-chuck controller to go with it. Worth it though; and with the gift card overall it was a good deal. So he came home, set it up for me, and then went to church. I played with it for a little bit (I love that at the beginning of every game and when you turn it on it warns you to have the cover on the remote and make sure the strap is around your wrist. Also, make sure there is no one and nothing in your way. it just makes me laugh) and when he came home we played together, and then we watched the Patriots loose to the Dolphins. After the craft fair yesterday I rested and then went to the cookie exchange for our building, with the cookies that Isaac made. He is a much better baker than I am. I am a cook. Measuring just doesn't make any sense to me, and it leaves no room for creativity. I was having some contractions near the end and I was hoping that it was because it was the last hour before I had to take my nifedipine but when I got home and took it that didn't seem to help, and today has been rough too. The other major thing happening is that we always seem to be two days away from RuthAnne coming home. lol. My mom texted me and said she thought it would be easier if RuthAnne just stayed with them till Tuesday. Of course at that I remembered that she has a meeting with Alexa (her speech therapist) at 11:30a tomorrow. Which she was going to miss anyway because of when they were coming back tomorrow; so I have to call and cancel th
at. My mom says there is more space up there and her and my dad can take turns (it wears her out less) and she can tell that I don't always like the way she handles things. I told her I don't mind (cause I don't. If I did I wouldn't let her spend almost a week up there without me) The problem is that I feel lazy, like I should be more help, getting myself more stuff. That is the other thing, she doesn't have to take care of me up there. lol. It is kinda nice because even though Isaac has been working on school work we have gotten to spend some much needed time together. There was more I was going to say, but Isaac just interrupted my train of thought with thinking about dinner... lol. Silly hubby :)
Fun thing: It snowed last night, it was very very pretty. I love New England; 70* Thursday, Snow Saturday night :) 

Good: Wii, snow, don't have to make any hats for friends, baby still hasn't come and time with Isaac
Bad: No sales at fair, RuthAnne being gone for so long, contractions and the Patriots loss

Isaac is boxing so I guess I will watch and try to relax through these contractions :(

GB ~ The Woodwards

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