Monday, December 7, 2009


RuthAnne comes home tomorrow! She has been gone since Wednesday afternoon, so almost a week. I can't believe it has been that long. We are pretty excited for her to come home but it is going to be a rough week because Isaac is still in classes (and working) and my mom is working Wednesday through Friday. The plan is that my mom will come down after work because Thursday night Isaac has class and Friday I am making Isaac get up to take RuthAnne to her playgroup. I really want her to go. I am not sure what is happening Wednesday yet, but I know I will have her by myself for most of the day. Thursday will be the easiest because someone is watching her for a few hours in the morning and Isaac will be here from then till my mom comes down after work. There isn't much else I can do so I just have to get through I guess.

Last night was rough; I had quite a few strong contractions that kept me up. If I were at 37 weeks or more I would have started to get excited. But I can't, because I am only 33 weeks. If it is labor, not so good, and if it isn't that is good, but sad/annoying too. It made me think about being excited when I go into labor; if it happens early. I think I am going to be more nervous and worried but I want to be excited too, and how excited is too much.. like to the point where I am a bad mother because I want the baby to come now (once I am in labor) Part of me will still be thinking I don't want it too but there isn't anything I can do about it either way. There are women on the message board that I am a part of that talk about how they want the baby to come and they can't wait. There was even one that was getting excited because of the possibility of what she was going through being labor... at 34 weeks.. I am trying my hardest to not have this baby at 34 weeks. I know they are "miserable" but my body feels like it is in labor and has for 3 weeks and I don't want this baby now; or next week for that matter. I know lots of women who around 34 weeks feel the same way these women do and I just don't get it. Now at 37 weeks, fine, but not 34.
Off topic from everything else: we totally need some less physical games for our Wii. I was getting a little bored watching Isaac play :)

There was more I wanted to say, but again... I lost the train. lol. Looking forward to RuthAnne coming home tomorrow, not looking forward to the week ahead.

GB~The Woodwards

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