Monday, November 30, 2009

Another L&D Stay

I went to labor and delivery again yesterday afternoon; this time the stay was not as long. I was having some more painful contractions more consistently. Just like the last time I was having way more than I was feeling. Since last Wednesday (4 days) I have dilated 1cm, which isn't bad as long as I don't dilate anymore anytime soon. I go to the doctor tomorrow and we shall see if I have dilated anymore by then. The midwife on duty did mention something about when I get to 34/35 weeks they would stop trying to get rid of the contractions and get rid of my bed rest, at that point the baby has a good enough chance that they stop trying to stop labor. They aren't considered full term till 37 weeks though. I have been doing some research on pre-term labor and the US doesn't do very well in terms of how many pre-term births they have in a year. I wonder how much of that has to do with babies born 34-36/37 weeks. I haven't been looking very hard yet though. It almost angers me a little; I think. I am not sure how I feel about it quite yet. Maybe it is reading all the post of people who going off of the meds went into labor within a few days. I know there are probably more out there who go longer than 40 weeks after going through all this. But if I end up being on that goes into labor soon after we will have a baby before Christmas. 34 weeks puts me at December 13th, so even if they wait till 35 it will still be the 20th, almost a week before Christmas.

It looks like RuthAnne will be going to my parent's house Wednesday afternoon and staying there till Saturday sometime. Unfortunately it means missing another week of playgroup, and probably Julie (her service coordinator for EI) Part of her going has to do with Isaac needing to get work done. He already missed a couple of assignments that he has to make up. One is due tomorrow, and the other is due next Monday (it was due today). Unfortunately there will be consequences for not having the thing due today but we don't know what they are going to be. We weren't really surprised but Isaac was a little frustrated with the "Well, the assignment is meant to be "real life" like so there has to be consequences." He understands, but we aren't extremely happy with the way life is right now so when talking to me about it he started in on... "If this were real life I would have a church with people who could come and sit with RuthAnne and Meghan. The major thing being that I wouldn't be working 40 hours PLUS having to do 12 hours of classes AND write a sermon. THIS ISN'T REAL LIFE!" and it isn't this sucks. We will look at next week once we get there. Hopefully when Isaac is only working it will be a little easier. But that will only be a week before I am 34 weeks... then it doesn't even matter. Isaac was commenting on how he was happy that I was going to have the baby in January thinking about how rough it was at the end of the semester having RuthAnne around this time 2 years ago. Apparently he isn't meant to finish out these semesters strong/well. Whatever.. Its just ridicules, and no one seems to understand. So I am getting to the point where I don't even care any more.

(I would like to add that we have been offered help by a few people, but part of the problem is availability, or just practicality. I need someone who can take care of a non verbal ,over active 2 year old. Who doesn't respond well to not being understood; she doesn't get bad or anything, she just won't interact with you well. Unless you see it first hand it is hard to understand. She does a few hours with people, like being baby sat, but if she needs anything it gets rough)

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