Sunday, November 29, 2009

32 Weeks

You know what that means: If I go into labor I can have the baby at Beverly Hospital and not in Boston. I am pretty excited about this. Obviously I am hoping for full term, but 34 weeks is what the doctors are aiming for, so that is what we hope for next. Every day is a new adventure, hoping for the next. We are starting to think about the rest of the week and what it is going to mean for finding someone to watch RuthAnne. Things have worked out fairly nicely and I am starting to not be as calm as it is looking like things aren't going to work as well as they had been. Isaac will be done with classes on the 11th of December and they will get a little easier then, but until then we have to work around his 40 hour work week and his 12 hours of classes plus any work that he has to get done (which hasn't been much, but there is stuff he HAS to do; seeings how it is the end of the semester) Hopefully things work out... they have to.
GB ~The Woodwards

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Piper said...

Meghan and Isaac,
Things always work out, even if not in the way we expect. Don't forget God is in control!!! It makes all the difference!