Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Day...

I have been having some pretty strong contractions today, but not consistent enough to call the doctor quite yet. I am keeping a pretty close eye on them, which is a little easier to do than normal because they aren't silent (meaning they cause some discomfort. Not really painful though.) I am not 100% positive, because I don't really know anything, but I feel like the baby dropped; either yesterday or last night or something because when I woke up and started moving around the baby just felt lower, more pressure. 

In other news: Isaac brought his sister to get tires and breaks done on her car, and some other work that needed to be done. He left at 7am to head over there from my parents. He was back to us by 10am because he didn't want to have to wait till it was done, which ended up being around 1pm. The rest is an interesting story for another place and time. We headed home in the afternoon when RuthAnne started to act like she wanted to sleep. She didn't. Which didn't really surprise me because she woke up around 9am, which is really sleeping in for her. This past week every time it was my mom who was waking up with her she was awake around 6:30am, which is her "normal" time. Sometimes she gets up closer to 8am, but that is rare too.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. 
GB ~The Woodwards

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