Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick Update

I am sitting at my in-laws and have the opportunity to update about today's appointment, and our highs and lows for (hopefully) the weekend. 

The appointment went well. I am still not dilating and the baby is still high, two very good things. The dr seems to think that I won't go early, which I kinda agree, but am a little frustrated that he says it like it is no big deal. He does this to help me not worry, but I am not fond of it. He said that out of 100 women with positive FFN tests 11 go early (the other day he said 5... but anyway...) I really wish someone could tell me how many of those women didn't listen to their bed rest orders; or are we being overly cautious. I asked him what exactly this bed rest should look like. He told me that it isn't like I have to be in bed ALL day. I can be up and about for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. So basically I can take a shower. I don't know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like staying in bed all the time. lol. I know it isn't ALL the time, but it still makes me smile a little. I told him its fine cause I don't feel like standing for much longer than that anyway. He also said his goals in pregnancies are 28 weeks, and then 34, so that is why he looks forward to 34. Only a few more weeks. He plans to do another FFN in two weeks to see what that looks like; I will be 33-34 weeks, and he figures he can plan better after that knowing the results of that test.

The ups and down for tonight: We got a call from my brother-in-law, Paul,  who is in the Army. His flight is supposed to get in at 12 midnight tonight. Well, because he wasn't 100% forth coming with where he was going they denied his leave. After Isaac got off the phone with him I started texting him talking about trying to get the airline to hold the tickets for a later date or something. About 20 minutes after the call he texts "I'm coming home!" I asked him if he was pulling our leg now or before. lol. So after what seemed like a while (only 20 minutes) the saddest part of the day turned into a pretty happy one. Isaac was pretty upset about him not coming home, so to find out that he was after he wasn't was very exciting for him. 

Hopefully nothing more like that will happen for a while (thinking more about the baby) or at least until we get back home. I am very much afraid of being away for three days.

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