Sunday, December 27, 2009


... Still pregnant
But my doctor is on tomorrow and Thursday; both before New Year's Eve so that is fine.  I am 36 weeks today :) The doctor didn't check me the day before Christmas so as far as I know I am still 4cm, but he did mention that the baby is very low. I was able to travel woohoo! for Christmas. So on the 24th we headed up to Isaac's parents and spent Christmas Eve there. We woke up and opened presents with Isaac's parents and his brother and sister and then had breakfast. After that we played with some of the new stuff Isaac set up the wireless we all bought for his parents. RuthAnne wandered around. And I helped Isaac figure out why Paul's computer wouldn't connect. Yep; I know a thing or two about computers :) Once we were done with that we got dressed and headed over to my parents house for dinner. After a nice turkey dinner we headed to my aunt's to see my cousins, open some gifts and eat some really nice snackies and desserts. We spent Christmas night at my parents and Saturday my sister and her fiancee came over, as well as my mom's parents and my great aunt. We had some snackies and opened more gifts. My mom had told me that she felt bad that she couldn't get RuthAnne more because she was unable to get out because of being with us; not to make us feel bad, but she felt bad well any more and I don't know where we would have put everything. lol. It wasn't too much, but more would have been almost crazy.

I went to church today for the first time in 6 weeks, and we went shopping like we always used to do. Tomorrow Isaac and RuthAnne are going to go buy some fun stuff we need to complete some of our Christmas gifts. We got the Wii Fit Plus, but not the cover for it, which we really want to keep it on the cleaner side. There are also a bunch of things we need to buy that have been neglected because of lack of time; like RuthAnne needs snow boots. Part of the reason is because we lost her other ones; although they were getting to be too small, loosing them is just making us get new ones. lol. 
Overall I guess things are good. Still having contractions in fact I just opened the contraction timer as I am typing which is a little annoying mostly because I can't get too excited, just in case I still have 4 weeks left but everything seems to be okay. I go to the doctor on Tuesday and hopefully he will check me then.  

GB ~The Woodwards

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