Tuesday, December 29, 2009


...turn to weeks
Here I am 6 weeks later and still pregnant. Yesterday I was having contractions that were 1-10 minutes apart and mild; unfortunately they never got stronger or regular. Today the baby feels like it is pushing off my ribs and really dropping. My hips hurt soo bad I can't stand up straight. I am off bed rest but my mom came down today to spend tonight and tomorrow with us; just because I am so tired mostly from not doing anything and Isaac has some studying he has to do. He works tonight and tomorrow and has till Monday off so I am really hoping I go into labor on the 31st, the timing would be great just like with RuthAnne with the time off. Plus he might be able to get some time at some point over January; which would be great mostly just because of his class

I had a doctor appointment today... it didn't go great. It wasn't with my doctor. It started with the nurse telling me that he wanted to do the strep b test.. um yeah.. I told her I had it done already. She said "really.. when?" I said "2 weeks ago when I was in the hospital for preterm labor" all she had to say was "oh" and seemed to be kinda surprised. The doctor came in and I mentioned the contracting and asked if he would check me my doctor said that I should be checked this week when he didn't check me last. When I asked this one said no because it doesn't matter; I could be at what I am at for weeks. That is great.. except I have been contracting and would love to know if I am progressing. I didn't say anything though.  I am tired so I started tearing up. He asked what was wrong so I told him that I was tired, and mentioned something about still being pregnant. He mentioned something about not inducing till 39 weeks.. What?! who said anything about inducing. We talked about sleep and he said I could take a benadryl. If that didn't work I could take a warm bath and drink a glass of wine; something about not having it for months and it can help one to relax obviously he doesn't know me and then he said if it is really bad he can subscribe me some ambien um no. The things he talked about keeping me up being my bladder, baby kicking, and just being uncomfortable. How about my 2 year old... or how about ALL OF THE CONTRACTIONS I HAVE BEEN HAVING!! GRRR! but again.. I didn't say anything. When I left I went to go make an appointment for 2 weeks from now to try and make sure it was with my doctor this one was made last week because things have been messed up with being in and out of the hospital and the doctor deciding to see me weekly early and missing appointment to get this one. The last two were either a double booking or the spaces they have open for people they need to see. The freaking receptionist says "You already have an appointment with him for next week, why do you need another one?" I am so sick of them asking this. There was a time that I couldn't get one for him 2 weeks away so I asked for a couple weeks later too, and she asked the same questions... um hello... But then sometimes they ask if I want to make another appointment. Stupid. So sick of these places. 

I think that is all. Thanks for listening to my rantings.

GB ~The Woodwards 

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Gina said...

oh hunny!
Hang in there, it will all be so worth it when you are holding your little bundle.