Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ready or not...

...Christmas is coming
So I just realized that Christmas is 3 days away. Maybe it was because I haven't been in the car to hear the music, or in the stores to hear the hub-bub, but either way I can't believe how close it is. I didn't do any shopping. I am glad RuthAnne is as young as she is because I don't know what we would do if she expected stuff from us for Christmas. She might get stuff over the next couple of months; kinda depending on what she gets for Christmas from others. I think I also didn't want to get too excited because I don't know what we are doing yet. I have an appointment Thursday yes, Christmas eve and the doctor is going to check to see if things have changed, if they have I can't go anywhere. I'm kinda hoping to have this baby before then or then. I have this feeling he is going to tell me to head over to the hospital Which is just across the parking lot. But then I wake and the dream is over. lol.

I decided that maybe the baby was waiting for us to take a family picture with me pregnant We have one of Isaac and me when I was pregnant with RuthAnne, so now we have one of the whole family this time around. Usually when we want to take a nice picture we take it when we come home from church, but since I haven't been to church in over a month that hasn't happened. So today I made everyone get dressed up in their nice clothes and we took a couple pictures. They came kind of nice if I do say so myself. I think RuthAnne loved that the camera flashed on its own. Yep this was a self timer picture.

I mean seriously, look at those smiles :)


Its been a long day. Isaac had a paper to write and so I ended up with RuthAnne most of the morning; and she didn't let me rest much. She lets my mom and Isaac dooze, but me.. nope never. I had more I wanted to say but I am having a hard time sitting here typing and I think I should get a big glass of water and try to rest. 

Fun Fact: RuthAnne is 25 months old today :)

GB ~The Woodwards


Michelle said...

Cute family photo!!

MEWoodward said...

Thank you :)

MommaSkye said...

I love the picture what a cute family! I really thought that by the title of your post it ment the baby was coming!! I think little fribble should come today :)

MEWoodward said...

:) I can be tricky that way. At one point I didn't want fribble to come on/at Christmas, but now I don't even care. lol

Julia said...

LOL I had a neighbor that worked for UPS and I was always messing with them. His wife planted purple and orange flowers one year (not on purpose) so I got to tease them the whole summer! Well If he is a driver I bet he is stressed (well any position really) and I hope he doesnt have to work tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!