Monday, December 21, 2009


I am getting sick of them. I decided that because they don't want me at the hospital until I am in labor that I am not counting them, although maybe I should. I got to thinking and talking to my mom about her labors. She didn't have regular or strong contractions until after they broke her water at the hospital. This is frustrating to me because if I go in with not strong, irregular contractions they are going to give me a shot to stop the labor, and I will be where I have been. The weird thing is my contractions can be kinda regular, they just don't hurt very much, and they don't get very close together. When I was in active labor with RuthAnne the contractions were more like a minor inconvenience then really painful. In fact, if I had been at home I wouldn't have called because I could still talk through them fairly well. Luckily my water broke and I was already at the hospital. But had my mom not been in the room I probably wouldn't have called the nurse. Now I would, cause I know; not just from having RuthAnne but from the tons of time I have spent in the hospital and what they have told me. I thought about it and realized that it is very possible that I go to my appointment on Thursday and the doctor tells me to go over to labor and delivery because of how far dilated I am. Doubtful, but I am really looking forward to spending time with my extended family and it is going to be rough if I can't. But I still feel like this baby is just going to wait, and make me go through all of this for nothing. It is weird to think that I could still go into labor at any moment though. Another frustrating thing is that I can't enjoy the contractions and the excitement of possibly going into labor. Same with RuthAnne, I thought I still had 3 more weeks and didn't want to think about how "this could be it" because it could still be a while. That had to do with the multiple due dates. Apparently I am not supposed to enjoy anything about being pregnant. This time I am showing more, but I can't go out and show it off. Although I have EVERYTHING done for me, its not really that enjoyable.
I just wanted to complain about the contractions... and I can't really seem to get my thoughts straight, so I should stop before I become REALLY annoying :-\

GB ~The Woodwards

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