Friday, November 20, 2009

My Labor and Delievery Trip

Tuesday, November 17th I noticed that the baby wasn't moving as much so I started really paying attention. It has happened before and usually about halfway through the next day I feel movement like I did before. Well Wednesday when I started cramping and contracting (after hemming and hawing) I called the dr. 4 or more contractions and decreased fetal movement over to the hospital I went. I figured something was up when I was able to get my normally no cooperative 2 year old to put on pants, pick up puzzle pieces and put them in a bag, pick out some toys and bring her to the neighbor (in an apartment building) in less than 5 minutes. Saying good-bye went smooth too. They checked for a UTI, nope. I was hydrated (which made me kinda happy because usually I am always dehydrated on a normal basis (I don't get thirsty) its weird. anyway...) These are all things that can cause contractions that don't always mean labor. My contractions were 1 min long 1-3 minutes apart. They did a test for pre-term labor: Positive; which just basically means that there is a possibility, it isn't inevitable. They checked and my cervix is shorter, but no more than can be at 30 weeks. It is also starting to dilate, again, not more than "normal". They gave me a shot to stop the contractions, that didn't touch them. They kept me over night and did an ultrasound on Thursday. Everything looked normal. Although, the average baby at 30(ish) weeks is almost 3 lbs, and this baby is almost 5 :) Putting it in the 86% A change from RuthAnne being 3 weeks smaller than average. They gave me a pill to help stop them, all that did was slow them down, but better than where they were. They gave me steroid shots which help with the baby's lungs just in case I do deliver early. So after my 2nd dose of that I was able to come home; on bed rest. With a toddler at home the instructions were that I should have someone with me at all times and rest as much as possible, and more. Today I am still having contractions, especially when I stand, and I get all flush when I stand too. The good news in all this is that I am not dilating so until that happens I am in pretty good shape; still resting though.
The doctor's plan is to get to me at least 34 weeks (with 37-40 (full term) being the ultimate goal) Mine right now is till tonight because that is when the steroid is fully working. Then 32 weeks. At 32 weeks I can have the baby in Beverly, not Boston. A big commute difference; no more than 5 minutes to Beverly, it can take 45 minutes to get to Boston. Still not that far away, but just far enough. If I do start dilating it will be straight to the hospital and that is where I will stay until the baby comes, hoping to keep it in as long as possible. Although I think by 34 weeks they will be less concerned; but I am unclear on that. Keep in mind that I could still go to full term or longer; its just safer to think about smaller goals just in case.
My mom and Isaac are trying to work things out so that someone is always here with me. With Thanksgiving coming up Isaac has Thursday-Sunday night off, which is good; and luckily my mom doesn't have any of them. Its good when she doesn't have off the days that Isaac can be around and visa-versa.
Getting things done is going to be hard, I have a whole list of things that I want to have done for the baby just in case, but also just need to be done before it came in January. But right now the focus is getting the daily things done, drs appointments, Isaac's classes, papers and tests, shopping and whatever else RuthAnne needs.

RuthAnne turns 2 on Sunday :) We had originally planned to have her party at my parents house, but because of this we are going to have it at ours (1.5 hours travel for everyone. I didn't mind doing it cause we do it all the time, but its just too soon.) The dr did say that if I am not contracting I can go up for Thanksgiving, which I totally plan to do. I think it is funny that I look forward to eating while pregnant on Thanksgiving and then my babies "mess it up" RuthAnne being born on Thanksgiving being the start of it. lol. But I love them and am blessed by them.

I think that is all; at least all I can think of right now. I am off to take a nap and rest. BIG surprise. lol :)


Amber said...

Hope your baby stays in until after Thanksgiving for you ;o)

Michelle said...

Oh, man. I hope everything goes as planned! I can't imagine best rest with a toddler. Yikes!

MEWoodward said...

Michelle- I was pretty much the same way; wondering how women did it with a toddler. Its hard; and its only been one day. Mostly because she doesn't understand that she really can't climb on me, and I can't pick her up. She is starting to be a little frustrated with me. Hopefully she will adjust :) lol