Monday, November 16, 2009

Its been a while

So I might go back and fill in if I ever get a chance, but I have found that waiting to do that has kept me from updating. I am just going to list everything that has happened since April and kinda go into detail on some of it. Okay.. here goes:
  • Found out I was pregnant: May 2009 (Due January 24, 2010)
  • Quit my job at Stop & Shop: July 2009
  • Potty training with RuthAnne going very well recently
  • RuthAnne still isn't talking much, although she has a lot more words now.
  • RuthAnne's hypothyroidism seems to be under control, not sure if the not talking is connected.. may never now.
  • RuthAnne is in a big girl bed: November 2009
  • Isaac is doing well in his classes this semester; mostly because of me not working. Although it would be better if he wasn't working FULL time :(
That is all I can think of right now. Below is a note that I copied and pasted from my facebook. Things have changed a little bit (she is in EI and things are going well. Although we are looking at possibly changing speech therapists) but this gives some background on where we have come from. They are going well, like I said above, she still doesn't have that many words and the SLP thinks she won't be talking any time soon, however all the other people she sees seem to think she is doing well. She said "Ma-ma" for the first time on Friday (the 13th, of November)

Ok. The beginning for those of you who don't know is that RuthAnne isn't talking. Sometimes she comes out with sentences that make sense, but then she doesn't say them.. for months. We have NO single words. Although recently she has been doing better with 'no' and 'yes' and she does say 'da'. But other than that NOTHING. which for 21 months is NOT talking. This may or may not be linked to her congenitive hypothyroidism (CH). There just really aren't enough cases to know for sure, and I know that kids have this problem without it. Her comprehension is VERY good, so we aren't really worried about any major mental developmental problems that the CH might be the cause of. Although as mom and dad we still worry, the drs and people at Early Intervention (EI) don't see problems, which is good.

Things starting rolling with EI but then they kinda halted (Monday; two days before her first at home visit) because the girl got a new job and quit (all in one day). They were just going to let things go as they did, when they found someone who had the time they would throw them in my direction. I got on them about how this needs to start. RuthAnne is 21 months old and at the rate she is going when the baby is born she isn't even going to be able to look at it and say 'baby' let alone its name or brother or sister, or whatever. (If that were to happen I don't know that I would be able to stop crying for a very long time and something would always remind me and cause me to get upset about it) The next day they told me that there was room in the playgroup on Fridays that I was interested in. So we could do that, and they were still looking. The next day (Wednesday) they called and said that someone would be getting in touch with me about possibly being able to come by on Friday, although they would be off next week. She called, we set things up.

So things today (Friday) went fairly well. We went to our first playgroup. Its a sign with me thing. They said it is normal the first time for them to be all over the place because they are just so interested in everything. But RuthAnne is like that ALL the time, she is just so active. So it will be interesting to see if she actually starts to sit and join in with the other kids. Then this afternoon we had our first home visit. It went pretty well. I actually found out that this girl (Julie) will be coming once a week, she is just an early intervention specialist. AND we will have a speech therapist coming once a week on in addition to that. (its a good thing I am not working, this would be crazy. lol.) The thing that stinks is the speech therapist doesn't start coming till like mid-September. Which so far being the worst part of what came out of today I guess that is ok. Still frustrating, but at least things are moving.

When we were in the playgroup the lady who handled all the prelim stuff, and I guess is kinda the head person I can talk to, came in to see how things were going. (Her name is Marsha) She told me it was okay to be upset and they were sorry about what had happened. We talked a little about how frustrated she is, and I am, and how much people keep telling me (sometimes not as blunt as this, but still saying) that it is my fault. I give in too easily, we should be signing, or should have started that earlier... or whatever. When Julie came this afternoon she pretty much said the same things. We also talked about how upset I got, and she said it was fine to be that upset. I want what is best for my daughter and I am going to push for it. You know how sometimes people tell you that, but you can tell that behind your back they are really talking about how you are such a jerk. I could tell that they really meant it. I am used to people telling me it was fine, but you can tell that they think it was uncalled for, or they actually tell me that it was. Marsha even said it was okay. It can be very frustrating and most people don't understand. They do and they are here to help, and if they aren't they want to know. As you can tell... I totally plan to hold them to that. LOL.

I think that is everything. Its all just a jumbled mess in my mind right now.

Thank you all for your kind/inspiring words, thoughts, and prayers. They are much appreciated.
♥Meghan, RuthAnne and Isaac
Rae 11/22/07
Rae 8/16/09

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