Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Time is flying by and things are constantly changing. RuthAnne is growing like crazy. We did have a little scare with her medication for her hypothyroidism, but everything seems to be going okay. We got back in a week or so to have her blood retested to find out if going back to the original dose of medicine is working correctly. It is so frustrating to not know what is going on. Isaac is almost done with his classes for his second year in seminary. (Thursday is his last day) then he just has some papers and he will be done. Two years down, two years to go. We are happy here but at the same time we can't wait to move on and things can be more normal, and we can see more of each other. Our lives allow us to each spend plenty of time with RuthAnne but hardly any all together.
RuthAnne is talking quite a bit. She can say "What is... it? ...that? ...this?" "Who is... it? ...that? ...this?" She just started saying "What are you doing?" and there have been other words that she has said once or twice. She also says "Yea" "No" and "Mama" and "Dada" But if you say "RuthAnne, who is that?" She won't say "Mama" or whatever. And she isn't always consistent. But we are working on it. lol. Sometimes she will go and get us things but sometimes she just wants to be defiant. lol.
I just got a new Assistant manager at work. Most people don't like him, but I don't have a problem with him. I think some of it is because he is very much a business man, and everyone is so used to goofing off and not working. I am looking forward to things changing. Maybe some of them will get so mad they will quit, or unfortunately what will probably happen is they will just get even more biter and angry. Oh well.
That is it for now. I hope to be on more often to update, and maybe I can even get Isaac on to update a little too. For now. enjoy these photos, and especially the videos.

Newer picture with mommy

Peek a BOO with daddy

RuthAnne has recently learned how to give kisses

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