Monday, March 30, 2009

Amazing Cleaner

So a friend of mine uses something to clean pretty much everything and she likes it. I figured it was worth a try. Even though I am not 100% green and never really will be, I think the idea of something that isn't going to make me feel sick because of the smell is a good idea. Well I can not believe how well it cleaned the bathtub, my least favorite and hardest thing to clean. What is this miracle cleaner? Vinegar. I have really only used it on the tub, but tonight I am going to clean the toilet. The website I have been using says to let it set over night. We shall see. I just wanted to let you know the cool thing I discover that someone else found years ago. I just can't believe people stopped using it. I know the smell. But a drop is worse than what it takes to clean the tub. I am very impressed. I plan to use it and try it for everything else and if I like it as much as I do today in like a month I am going to get rid of every cleaner except the bleach. I am pretty pumped.

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