Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Update-Meghan's HairCut

I wanted to drop a quick line or two about my new hair cut. I finaally just bit the bullet and cut my hair. I had it like this before I was pregnant with RuthAnne but decided to grow it out because I wanted to be able to pull it back when I had her. But now I wanted it short again. So here it is:
Before & Now


Paul and Cyprianna Murray said...

ohhhh, very cute. :) I used to have my hair like that in HS.... Although it had giant bright red streaks through it. hahahhahahhahahahah!

MEWoodward said...

lol. I really like it. I had it this short before I had RuthAnne but I grew it out to have her. I decided that I wanted it short again.

IJWoodward said...

I keep telling her that bright red streaks would be cool...:-D