Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marching Along

Well it feels like it has been forever because time has been going by so quickly, but it has only been a month. Quite a bit has happened in February; I don't even know where to start. RuthAnne is starting to talk more. Mostly she asks a lot of questions. "What is that?" "What is this?" Stuff like that. She has 12 teeth and I am pretty sure that she is working on another one, or even two. Isaac is in full swing of his spring classes and is doing well with that. Work is still work. For me work has been interesting because of the turnover of supervisors. The manager first, then the produce manager, and my imediate supervisor. Now the assitant manager is leaving; this is the one that is going to be the hardest. He is a great guy and will help with anything you need, he knows that you can have fun and work, he has also helped me to feel more confident in my abilities to do my job and do it well. In fact the other day he was telling our new part time closer that I was amazing and that she didn't need to worry about anything when I am working. He had told me that before, but it was nice to hear him say it to someone other than me. I am still really nervous about his replacement though.
The laptop that I bought when I moved on campus my sophomore year of college back in the fall of 2004 finally died. It was on its second harddrive and some other things were slowly breaking, we tried to keep it alive as long as possible. I would say we did a pretty good job. It did what it was supposed to do; get me through college. But we had come to rely on it too much. Isaac really needs to be able to get away to do some of his work, like his online classes, so instead of getting the digtal SLR I have been waiting for as a graduation gift (from back in 2007) we bought a new laptop; on sale. lol. Its okay. I am typing on it now and it is hard to get used to, but I am adjusting.
So as I thought about how I needed to update I was wondering what was taking up so much of my time (besides RuthAnne of course) and I realized it has been my knitting. I finally finished a blanket I was making for RuthAnne. I started it last year (not sure exactly when, definitely after we moved onto campus) and I had to put it on hold because I made some hats to sell at a craft fair in December. I finally got started back up and finished it, I also made a pillow with the leftover yarn and I am pretty sure I am going to make another one. They all came out pretty good. My plan is to take pictures of all the stuff I haven't sold off, because people really want to see it. So be on the look out for that, hopefully soon.

I feel like there are so many things to say because we have been so busy, but I guess that is all for now.
Me and RuthAnne
Watching the News (probably FOX)

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