Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow and Lots of It

Starting off 2008 with something new.. a family blog. We shall see how this goes. While I am not really a huge fan of blogger because I can't upload the millions of photos that I take, I guess this will mean that we have to pick and choose what we put up.
(any past blogs are monthly family letters that I am slowly adding to the site just so it kinda starts with RuthAnne's becoming part of our family)

So this winter has been full of snow. I am fairly certain that we have gotten a snow storm at least every week. This has made for interesting days and very narrow roads. Usually the snow melts enough between the storms that it isn't a BIG deal if they don't have the snow far off the road, however this has not been the case this year. Last week car started to sputter and then stall. Now normally I don't think I would have been as frustrated except for a few things: (1)I was about halfway between home and work, already running a little late because of (2) it was icy snowing (3) We only have one car and (4) the car seat is in our car so even if Isaac could find someone he would have to find two someones so that one could watch RuthAnne. I called work to let them know I would be late then Isaac to ask him to come see if he could help because I tried to start it twice and failed. He looked around and couldn't find anyone so he called me back to see if I could think of anyone else. Luckily the Casey and Kendra were home, so Casey came with Isaac to rescue me and Kendra kept an eye on RuthAnne. When they got there the car started and I headed off to work. Its been just about a week and everything seems to be fine.

RuthAnne is growing like crazy. She is walking all over the place and starting to talk; her big thing right now is "that!" she points to EVERYTHING and says "that". Especially when she gets up from her naps, its like she has never seen this stuff before. :) She is quite loud and makes most of the little boys around us cry when she yells or makes noise. She has a few friends, in fact when we mention Alaina's name she gets so excited that we have stopped telling her in advance when she is going to see her because she would head for the door like we were going to see her then.

Classes have started up for Isaac and they are going well. So far it looks like this semester is going to be a little better to him in terms of being able to get a little more sleep. He is still working 30 hours over night at UPS as a supervisor and I am still working at Stop & Shop as a CDH; only 16 hours though.

This is a hat that I made for RuthAnne, complete with ear flaps (those are new) but mostly I love this picture because her face is priceless.

Hopefully newer and better pictures to come as things happen.

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