Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paul's Deployment

(Paul is Isaac's youngest brother)
It's been a week since we got to talk to him, not that we talk all that frequently anyway. But we talked to him right before he left. He called Isaac's parents yesterday, at 4am. Things are going well in Kuwait, the main thing being that he is happy to not have to do anything to stay warm. (coming from Fairbanks, Alaska this is a big deal) He does some training there and then he will be headed to Iraq for a year. Once he gets back he only has about 6 months before he is out of the army altogether, I can't believe its been that long already, I mean I know there is still a year left, but a year goes by so fast I can't believe its already been three.

I just wanted to quickly update on this because I am laying in bed about to get up and I am realizing that a week has already passed. Time flies. Things will be so different when he gets back. He will turn 21 over there. Rae will be 4 and in preschool (hopefully) JD will be 2 and talking (hopefully). We may or may not still be living in this apartment. Our 6 year anniversary is this summer. And we will both inch our way closer to 30 lol (still not quite there yet though) So much happens in a year.

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