Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Breathe

We had another snow storm this week, well two actually, one right after another. The second one dropped some freezing rain making the snow heavy and weighing it down. Our landlord had the day off and went out around 2pm, after the first storm. Isaac went to get some groceries and when he got back he started working on trying to move my van. It wasn't moving. I got in and he and our landlord pushed. I got it out of the snow and into where he had already removed some snow. I couldn't get it back up the driveway but I was able to back down it. So the plan was to get a running start, except there was 3" of snow/slush on the road. Well, I thought that was the problem until Isaac told me the rear right tire wasn't turning. CRAAP! He worked on it, the landlord "helped" (he tries, but lacks some common sense) finally he disconnected the break on that side so the tire would turn and moved it back into he driveway. He hasn't had a chance to take a look at it again yet.

At one point during this whole thing I came in the house to call my father and when I turned around JD was up on the couch :-) so in the midst of something awful I am wicked proud of JD!!

The Woodward Family

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