Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ah... Memories

Earlier today my sister called and asked me if I could bring her to pick up her fiancé's car around 6:30pm. We ate dinner around 5pm and then hung out, it was fun. JD was able to interact and play, Rae was in a good mood and the four of us just hung out.



JD is getting the idea of smiling for the camera instead of trying to move around once he sees the flash which when taking pictures on the phone.

Around 6:00pm cuddle time left to pick up my sister. I picked her up, we went to pick up the car. 

This is where it gets interesting and the reason for this title, and reference in my Facebook status.

She got into the car and started it. I waited to make sure it was going to be ok. We both pulled out around the same time. I thought to look in my rear-view mirror. I saw her backup lights come on, so I called her. She tells me she couldn't get the door closed. I asked her if she wanted me to come back till she figured out what she was going to do. She said, yes, so I did. When I got back she informed me that when she called her fiancé he knew exactly what had happened. They washed the car and the door locking mechanisms froze. Chrys told me that when she went to pull away the door flung open, when she went to close it she thought it didn't sound right, but she just kept going. Woops lol. Then she informs me that the bigger problem is she opened the passenger door to see where the mechanism should have been. So now both doors aren't closing. I started laughing. I figured the best solution was to both drive to her house in Derek's car, then she could drive me back down in her car to get mine. She decided that we would go get dinner for them and hopefully by then the doors would be fixed. So my first rid in a GTO is now tied for my most comedic car trip the other is a childhood trip with Gram and Gramp and my cousins to Canobie Lake Park All 8 cousins in the back of a minivan swaying back and forth to some music. It wasn't until I was older that I realized what was actually happening. As a young child I thought it was fun, I didn't realize how funny it was. This was just as funny. Chrys went in and got some food. While she was in getting it I tried the doors a couple times. On her way out I tired again, nothing. She got into the car and asked if I was able to get it closed. I told her no, but tried again. It closed! So she was able to bring me back to my car and I headed home. 

Even though the situation wasn't the best, it was still fun and I will remember it. Partly because it was my first time getting to ride in the GTO but also just because I enjoy having a good laugh with my little sister :)

The Woodward Family

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