Friday, January 7, 2011


These are words I didn't hear Rae say till she was a week shy of being two years old yes, 2. Tonight Isaac and I were sitting on the couch watching "Edge of Darkness" another discussion for another day, but I will say it was a good movie, definitely worth watching when I heard JD from the bedroom "Ma-Ma. Ma-Ma". I went in to make sure he was ok, put the binky back in his mouth, things like that. When I came out I told Isaac that it is weird to have a child under two or under a year for that matter call for me specifically. While I don't know for certain he knows the difference and I would love to say that he is close, but having NO idea what it is like for a child to develop normally in speech I have less of an idea than a first time parent it is still nice to know he can make the sounds something I learned from Rae's speech therapy is that the first key sounds babies make are 'da' 'ma' and 'ba' and the first flag should have been that she never said 'ma' or 'ba'. I have video of the first timeish Rae said 'ma', but I guess it isn't on my computer, I'll try to upload it another time... For now I will give you a fun video of Rae and her 2nd cousin dancing with a monkey at Christmas.

lol. Anyway... It is encouraging to hear him be able to say 'ma' but at the same time it reminds me of Rae from her first birthday to her second, and then to the present. While I am happy she is talking it is still hard to look back on that time. She was so frustrated. I think that is why it is so hard to see her upset now, because I start having flashbacks. I worry she will turn into that child again. Her tantrums are still on the extreme side but the occurrence of them is more normal  at least that is what I am told. But this is a subject for another day. Although it does show how I turn something happy (JD being able to say 'mama' and be weeks away from using it correctly) and spiral down into a negative. Overall my feeling is happy, but I think I fear being happy in case he ends up with a delay too. 

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

The Woodward Family

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