Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Day!

Isaac is done with full time schooling. He will finish, eventually, but for now he is done doing the full time school, full time work, part time family thing. It will be full time family and work from now on. Next fall he plans to start taking classes again, but one at a time. You have no idea how exciting this is for us! It is going to stink when I get a job, but we are going to enjoy the little time we have now. I am trying not to stress about having the kids watched, we moved closer to family for a reason.

I'll update more on the following later (I have a really bad head ache and should go to bed now)
Rae's tantrums- 15 minutes of full blown 'someone is killing me' screaming because I handed her a green M&M instead of a brown although she said green is just too much.
JD's climbing adventures- He scalled a mirror that was tilted up against something, Rae's chair and then was going for the table and if we put one pillow down he is able to get up on the couch.
Thinking of all the people I know who have the stomach bug that is going around and praying we don't get it, once was more than enough.

The Woodward Family

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