Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bathroom Blogging

Coming to you live from our bathroom. Its the only room with a lock on the door Which Rae reminds us of frequently by locking it and leaving the room. I am in here because I went to make dinner tonight pasta, hamburg and sauce but we didn't have any sauce because Isaac ate it all making himself something to eat in the mornings. Which is fine, because he needs to eat, its just the first time I have made a real dinner in a while and I can't even do that. Grr. I was also doing dishes while I was making dinner as I always do and I couldn't wash the cookie sheet without soaking the counter. The sink is too small. The sprayer doesn't work. Isaac said if it had a better faucet on it we might be able to actually do dishes in it. We just have to get Cris at home. He is away more than he is here. I want to lean back against the tub... can't... no tub. JD has had one bath since we got here and Rae has taken maybe three showers. Its just soo much work. Isaac and I barely get to see each other and spend time together YEAH RIGHT! lol Biggest JOKE EVER! Once I start working ha another thing I feel is never going to happen we are going to get to spend less time together. It wouldn't bother me so much if we got to see each other at night. But if you are married you know that the time from when the kids go to bed till you do is the time you get to spend with each other. Well recently Rae hasn't been falling asleep till 9 or 10 pm this has just been the past couple of nights, hoping it was just what we were doing and not a trend Isaac leaves for work at 10pm. Usually they are both in bed and asleep by 8pm which means we might get 2 hours if we are extremely lucky which usually we aren't usually it is closer to an hour an a half. And because it is such a small period of time I feel like we still never get to talk about all the things we need to talk about and another day goes by and we haven't talked about what are plans for the following day are. Or what time he has been getting home. If you were to ask me how much sleep my husband gets I wouldn't be able to tell you. Partly because Rae has been waking up and ending up in our bed and therefore he goes to sleep on the couch. I have no idea what time he gets home and no idea what time he goes to bed because we don't have time to talk. And if we do a lot of the time we end up sitting on the couch watching TV. The weekends go by so quickly. I can't believe it is already Sunday. We were able to watch a movie last night and tonight we are going to watch the Pats game and before we know it it will be midnight or even two am sometimes and instead of trying to catch up on some sleep from the week we will end up with 4-6 hours and still haven't talked because we absolutely do not talk during the Pats game! :) 
All this to say I am stressed. Tired. Miss my best friend. and enough is enough! I just want to scream.

On a better note, Rae seems to be getting back to her old self a little bit. Hopefully she will be 100% soon. JD is frustrating me by spitting out more of his formula than he is eating well, it isn't that much but it is a LOT I am hoping that the switch to milk will help that to happen less.. We shall see.

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