Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some Pictures

I just realized or rerealized, I can't remember that you can put more than one photo up at a time. So here come a bunch from our trip to the aquarium last Friday.

^JD Checking out the penguins^

^Two (yes 2) Fish^

^Rae looking at some fish^
^Grandpa showing Rae some fish^

^JD and Grandpa on the train into the city^

JD loved it, Rae loved the train more than the fish. And unless you can get a pass from a local library or you like reading a lot of facts, I wouldn't waste your money. I didn't really think it was that fun for kids Rae's age, and unless you have a child like JD which Rae wasn't when she was his age I don't really recommend the stress it can be. It was frustrating that I didn't get to see things because I was constantly trying to keep Rae from having meltdowns. Which was partically because it took her till lunch to explain that she wanted to go on the train again. The other part was because she had been getting up at 6 am all week and was wicked overtired.

The Woodward Family

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