Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Computer

The basic jest of things is this: I really just wanted to type an update because we got a new computer and I don't type out long things except this blog anymore. So about the new computer. Basically Isaac's sister bought our old laptop off of us and we are buying a new one. The real story is she is bought a new computer and we are going to pay her back the difference as we get the money. We needed to move on, the other computer just wasn't enough for what we needed and she doesn't need something this powerful. When we bought our other laptop we just bought it because we needed a laptop mine from college had died but we had the desktop which was our major computer. While we still have the desktop it is starting to become dated and not keep up with us and we started relying more on the laptop than we had planned. This one according to what Isaac has told me will be more like what we need. But the thing is huge! It is a wide screen like all are these days and it is so big that it has the number pad on the right hand side. Which I am wicked excited about. I didn't think we would every have one this bed. When we were looking at the last one Isaac was looking at the mini computers. So this is a big switch. There are things about it that are different, most of them are things that bothered me about the other one so I don't mind. So far I love that Windows 7 has all the things on it that you had to buy for the older verisons or it just wasn't available. Hopefully it lives up to how amazing we think it is. I also plan to learn as much as possible about it because I don't want all it has to offer to go to waste. I have decided that about everything. Every new camera or software we buy. The man thing I was thinking about was Photoshop. I was able to use it to edit some photos of Rae and JD. I looked up some things I could do to the photos and something one of the guys said was most people just want to crop and do simple edits and don't have any idea about what they can really do and to what extent. Which is something that frustrates me... another rant for another day. I have to head to bed. I haven't been getting much sleep... Oh speaking of sleep. I put the kids curtains back up today we did some packing in their room I am hoping that having these up will help them sleep in. Today they were ready to go to bed at 6pm. We pushed them till 6:30 but that is too early. I would much rather be able to sleep in till at least 7am 8 if I am really lucky. I need sleep and I can't seem to wind down before 10:30pm which means I am not asleep before 11pm if I am lucky.

Well that was much longer than I expected; but very much like me ;)

The Woodward Family

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