Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peep and Life

This is not meant to be offensive, but rather to challenge. If you find something offensive or it hits a nerve or you really like something, please make a comment.

"God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way" ~Max Lucado

I did things a little differently for my Facebook friends, but I will do this kind of the way my thought process went.

I was watching Peep and the Big Wide World. Quack was going to visit Chirp. As quack headed up the hill there was a rock on the path. Quack turned around and went back down the hill declaring that he would not be able to make it to Chirp's. As Quack headed away Chirp came down the hill, saw the rock and proceeded to walk around it. After talking with Quack, Chirp told Quack that they should try to move the rock. As they were trying to figure out how they were going to move the rock Rae decided she wanted some attention and so I missed the conclusion. However, I was able to have a thought discussion with myself. I decided to post a status:

You are walking and your come across a rock blocking the path. I really want to know what people would do. So (honestly) would you: (1) Turn around and go back- you obviously can't get by (2) Go around it (3) Figure out a way to move it.

I got a couple of responses not as many as I was hoping for and I guess I could still get more. I am waiting to reveal my reasoning for the status.

My thought process was this:
As I watched the show I realized that I know some people who just turn around, oh well, guess I can't go that way. And I know way too many who just keep going around the problem. That is the one that really frustrates me. I would definitely move the rock. That way the next times I go by I won't be inconvenienced. My God can move mountains, so with his help it can definitely be moved. Course then there are the people that just assume if God wanted to move it He would. So they walk around it, hoping he would move it. And when He doesn't they assume they are just supposed to live with the burden.

I become very annoyed with people who leave things alone, who just live with things. I think part of the reason for this is I grew up having to live with things I could not change, having to go without because we really couldn't afford it. Fixing things hoping they would work just a little bit longer, till we could afford to fix it and praying it wouldn't get worse. While there are people out there, because they are so complacent with life, leave things alone and then they really break and they end up spending more than had they just fixed it to begin with.
I don't know what you are trying to walk around, or walk from living with a broken dryer because it works... it just takes literally 3 hours to dry half a load of laundry with no blankets, towels, or jeans. A relationship with a friend. Life in general... Our relationship with God. But stop. One of the responses I got was this: "I would definitely go around it. I don't usually walk places without a purpose, so turning back probably wouldn't be an option, since my destination is important enough for me to go there, and if I turn back, I'll have to eventually come back and deal with it anyway." If this is a place you are at, it is the best way to walk around something. And you can live this way without being too complacent. So if you are thinking about turning around, at least get to where our sister here is. Know that the destination is worth getting to. Once you get here and fell comfortable or if you are here already I challenge you to get to the point where you want to figure out how to move it.
God did not create us to set the cruise control and drive around obstacles. "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." -Genesis 1:27 If we are created in His image then we would not just sit by and watch life go by. Including walking around obstacles. He could have just turned around and walked away as mankind fell farther and farther from Him. Instead He sent us His son John 3:16 If we were created in His image then we should try to approach situations the same way He would.
As much as the saying is cliche... What Would Jesus Do?

His love Name
The Woodward Family


Julia said...

WELL THATS ME! One of my biggest faults is that I do hide and avoid problems. I know it, I just havent figured out how to fix it yet.
I just recently got back into church (after 3 years) and I am falling in love with God all over again. This time it is real not just "what I do" I am facing a rock in my path currently and before you even posted this I am trying to find a way to fix/face this problem instead of hiding from it.
Thanks for your insight :)

MeWoodward said...

Your comment (on FB) made me smile, especially the part about kicking the rock. I was like, I didn't even think of that, but there have been multiple times where I have done that. And then hobble away with a broken toe lol.

I am glad you have got back to church. It is a struggle; I have a love hate relationship with the church, part of the reason I feel called to work in it. Definitely pray about what you are going through. It might seem hard at first, like He isn't listening, but the more you go to Him the more you feel answers to prayer. Also remember that silence doesn't mean He hasn't or won't answer.

I am part of a Bible study and we are working through the Psalms right now. It has been very freeing for my prayer life. Part of it I think was also giving everything to God with the move, and therefor our lives. But the Psalms are prayers and are a model for how we can go to God and sob or fully praise Him. I think it is also important to praise while lifting petition, which is something that I knew but it was reshown to me in the reading on the Psalms.

Julia said...

That is funny I am reading Psalms every day as part of our churchs daily Bible reading plan (I am trying to memorize Psalm 51)
Actually, the amazing part is in the last 2 weeks God has answered 4 specific prayers of mine. 2 regarding the church I am going to. He is definitely showing me the way He wants me to go. I feel like why are you answering my prayers - I dont deserve it.

MeWoodward said...

We don't- and that is what makes it so amazing! Your heart is definitely in the right place. I said what I said about answers to prayer because that is usually the first complaint I get from people - well God isn't answering. The other thing is sometimes what we are looking for isn't the answer God gives us. I hate it when that happens. lol