Monday, November 22, 2010

Long Week

We are moving on Saturday!! There is so much to do this week. My mom is coming down tomorrow to help me pack. I don't even know where to start. Although at some point today I will probably start packing the kitchen. I am hoping we can use paper for most of the week. I made something last night that was very big that will hopefully last us the week. Which is actually only tonight and tomorrow night. We are going to be spending Wednesday night at Isaac's parent's house, Thursday (Thanksgiving) watching the Pats/Lions game at Isaac's parent's which actually kinda stinks because out of everyone they have the worst TV. But oh well. The game is a bigger deal because Isaac's parents are from MI. Even though the Pats are going to win it should be fun anyway. Then we are going to my Aunt's house like we always do. Then spending Thursday night at my parent's. I wish we had some money because I am getting so many coupons and stuff for Black Friday. There is something I really want from Victoria Secret its some bag full of stuff but I don't have $60 to spend there... Even though there is stuff I need from there and could spend that much easily. I am going to be putting some pics up of the apartment on my Facebook soon. None of the outside though. There are a lot of safety things we have to do and we have to buy a tub thing for the kids, but hopefully it will work out well.

I should go. I have to look for a tub and a gate. Plus JD should be up from his nap soon and I don't know how much longer Rae is going to leave me alone. I don't know when I am going to get back on, I will try because I want to reminisce about a year ago. Also, I don't know what the internet changeover is going to look like yet. Isaac is going to call today I think.
Oh... and I want to talk about Rae's 3rd Birthday (WHICH IS TODAY!!) and what the last three years have looked like. Its crazy!

Wish us luck :)

The Woodward Family

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