Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Somewhere

My mom came down today to help pack. Most of the kitchen is done and all the books. Some of the kids closet is done. There are some blankets which I haven't gotten to in total yet and their clothes. The DVDs are done and we aren't packing the drawers of dressers so that is done. There is still a lot of food to be packed and we have a lot of coffee mugs for people who don't drink coffee. Isaac is going to get the moving truck Saturday morning and then we are going to pack it up. Once we get to the new apartment I won't have internet access till Tuesday. I will be able to update Facebook from my phone and see some stuff, but I won't be here.

Sorry. Left to watch some Glee... Can't believe Kurt is transferring lol. All over the place is how I have been feeling recently so if this post doesn't make sense that is why. I don't have time to sit and do anything. Now I am going to watch Dancing with the Stars. GO KYLE!! lol

The Woodward Family

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