Monday, October 18, 2010

Officially Unofficial

We are moving. We are hoping to move sometime in December if we can find a place. We are hoping to move as close to my parents as possible. I am going to be looking for a job, which is going to add a different dynamic to our family.

Back in August or so Isaac and I started to feel the Spirit leading us away from the seminary. It was hard because we felt like if we left we would be letting so many people down our friends and family, the church who is supporting Isaac ordination, the school because of the RLC position we took thinking we would be here till the spring... each other. When Isaac went to take out a loan for this semester he came up short so we had to pay for that. We prayed more and realized while we could probably come up with a way to pay for next semester use our tax refund this was God's way of saying "Are you listening now?" We do understand that this was something that was just going to happen, they would have cut him off at this amount no matter what but because we have been feeling we should leave and then praying about it more we realize that it is time. Isaac still has about 5 more classes after this semester plus a couple mentored ministry things so the plan is to finish. When that is going to be we have no idea. Also, if it is going to happen. Through having Rae when we did and this happening we are being told over and over again that we are not in control and we are not to plan. We have set our lives for God and He is in control. At this point we are fully sitting back and letting Him take that control. So while friends and family want answers for what this means and where we go from here, we have no answer except that God is in control and we are trusting him with our lives just like we should. There are just so many things going on for us right now, and we are trying to get through together, one day at a time.

The reason this is officially unofficial is because we still do not have a place to live. We are looking for a 2-3 bedroom place to live close to my parents so if you know where that is and you know of something please let us know. The cheaper the better. The less hours I have to work the better.

I will update on Rae and her speech in the next couple of days. I am tired and really need to get some sleep but things have been progressing with the school although we are pretty certain she is not going to get a spot, she is too smart :)

The Woodwards


The Murray's said...

You looking to buy or rent? Our house is still on the market for now at 119K, but there is an offer in at 109. I'm sure if you came in a bit higher, the bank would take your offer over theirs? 15 min from your parents.

MeWoodward said...

Yeah, we thought about it. Masson's should be going into foreclosure soon; hopefully. So right now we are looking to rent and then buy asap