Thursday, May 5, 2011


Its been a while. So I am giving our blog some much needed love. Let's see what has happened since... MARCH! Rae is about the same. We had JD's 15 month appointment, the dr is concerned about his hearing so we need to call an ENT to get his hearing evaluated and call EI to get him evaluated. Its going to be fun :) lol. We are going to be moving JD to a toddler bed soon. It was going to be today but, and this is probably the biggest thing to happen recently.
Tuesday morning I woke up feeling ok. But one I got up and moving around I didn't feel so great and even passed out. I called my mom and she came to watch the kids. I spent the day in bed. Then Wednesday morning I woke up and didn't feel much better. So off to the ER I went. Blood work came back fine. They were pumping me full of fluids and that didn't really seem to be fixing the symptoms. When I would stand up my pulse would go wicked high. My blood pressure would be fine though. Usually that is a sign of dehydration. But that didn't seem to be it. Finally other tests came back and my white blood cell count was low which indicates a viral infection. Sent home to rest and get plenty of liquids. At least we know what is wrong right?

Oh MY! I forgot the the most important thing that has happened! I am NOW an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay :)

Feel free to shop on my website:

Always looking to book Facials and classes as well

But for now I have to go I have to rest. Hopefully I will be back on more.

The Woodward Family

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